Carl Maria von Weber - Euryanthe: Overture

Carl Maria von Weber composed the opera Euryanthe  during the period 1822-23 and first presented it in Vienna on October 25, 1823. The work was based on a French medieval history of 13th century.  The year Euryanthe was presented was marked by Vienna's interest in Italian operas, particularly those of Rossini . Although the initail reception was enthusiastic, the opera lasted only twenty performances, with complaints about the libretto and the length of the opera. For the failure of the play, the somewhat wordy libretto of the poet and writer Helmina von Chézy was blamed. Franz Schubert also commented that "This is not music". Nevertheless, the introduction is an excellent example of orchestral writing and remains one of the best. The Overture begins with an extremely lively and cheerful phrase. Oboe and clarinet, supported by horn and trombones, then present a theme of three emphatic notes, followed by a shorter ascending group of notes (with a stressed rhythm). Soon t

Georges Bizet - Events in brief

A poster of a German version of Bizet's opera, Pearl Fishers.

 Georges Bizet was born on 25 October in Montmartre, Paris.

1848 He begins studying at the Conservatory of Paris.
1857 Wins the Grand Prize of the Music Competition of Rome.
1858 Arrives in Rome for a three-year stay.
1859 Hospitalizes a sick friend from whom he contracted the disease that caused him inflammation of the laryns, from which he later died.
1860 Returns to Paris.
1861 Bizet is shaken by his mother's death.
1863 He is related to a neighbor who will prove to be a role model for Carmen.
1866 First performance of the opera The Beautiful Daughter of Perth, a rare success in public and critics.
1869 Marries Geneviève Halévy, daughter of his former music teacher.
1870 He enlisted in the French National Guard with the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war.
1873 Begins composing Carmen.
1875 Carmen's first performance in March. He dies on June 3rd in Paris.