Handel - Water Music, Suite I in F major (HWV 348)

  A page from the score of Handel's Water Music written in 1717. This work is the most popular and most beloved of all his numerous compositions. Handel's Water Music, one of the composer's most popular and beloved works, was first presented on the evening of Wednesday, July 17, 1717. An orchestra of fifty musicians sailed next to King George I and several aristocrats, as the royal yacht led a huge fleet of boats on a tour of the Thames toward Chelsea. As the royal procession passed majestically between Lambeth in the east and Chelsea in the west to return, the King was so fascinated by Handel's music that he ordered the orchestra to replay the play three times. The exhausted musicians got permission to stop at two o'clock in the morning! Suite I in F major (HWV 348) 1. Overture (Largo – Allegro)  2. Adagio e staccato  3. Allegro – Andante – Allegro da capo  4. Passepied  5. Air  6. Minuet  7. Bourrée  8. Hornpipe  9. Andante  10. Allegro  11. Hornpipe Handel's

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